Help your students improve their exam results

Assign online practice tests with help including instant feedback on answers without help as a mock exam.
Save time with automatic marking.

Place your students in the right class

Test your students’ level of English online. Save time with automatic marking. Instantly view the results: CEFR level, numerical score and more.

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A Few Words About Edutech

Turt Edutech is a leading provider of education solutions. We enable academic institutions and corporate organizations to improve performance by facilitating 'knowledge enrichment and skills enhancement'.

Turt Edutech has grown into a global corporation with offices around the world. Today, we offer an entire spectrum of education solutions that enhance learning in classrooms, libraries, corporate and industrial training centers and school, college and vocational laboratories.

What We Offer

Learning Services

We appreciate the fact that organizations are different and one solution set or approach does not fit all. Our context-driven solutions are calibrated to address the current and future needs of organizations. Our learning services include consulting, implementation, custom development, support and maintenance.

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